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The Campus Portal (formerly known as the Family Portal) is a way for families and students to see real-time class and assignment grades, homework, attendance, etc. Additional digital tools used include SchoologyFlipgridClever, and Teams & Office 365.

English Language Arts

This year, grades 6-8 will be using SAVVAS's myPerspectives curriculum. All units are taught within our International Baccalaureate framework. Below you can find family letters for each grade level outlining the topics and essential questions students will explore each quarter.

6th Grade          7th Grade          8th Grade


This year, grades 6-8 will be using Illustrative Mathematics. This problem-based curriculum makes rigorous mathematics accessible to all learners. Below you can find more information about Illustrative Mathematics and how the math department at West End will frame their instruction.

Grades 6-8

Honors Courses

Honors English Language Arts (ELA) will be offered to students in 7th-8th grade, and Honors Math will be offered to 6th and 7th grade. In 8th grade, students have the opportunity to take Integrated Math I for High School credit. There is also an opportunity for students to take High School Spanish at West End via the MNPS Virtual School.

While all classes at West End offer students a relevant and rigorous IB education, honors courses will substantially exceed the content standards, learning expectations, and performance indicators approved by the State Board of Education. Teachers of honors courses will model instructional approaches that facilitate maximum interchange of ideas among students: independent study, self-directed research and learning, and appropriate use of technology.

Please be aware that your student’s enrollment in an honors course will be based on previous performance, not previous placement. The data to determine honors placements will come from many sources including but not limited to: MAP testing, TCAP testing, TVAAS Projections, grades, and teacher recommendations. For students with exceptional assessment data, an automatic invitation for Honors will be created. If you and your student want to be considered for honors without receiving an automatic invitation, e-mail Mr. Stephens and we will review your student’s comprehensive data and recommendations. We always reserve few seats in the honors sections for students not automatically selected because we know that students are so much more than just their test data.