Dress Code

Simplified Dress Code for 22-23
Posted on 07/20/2022
Dress Code

The purpose of the dress code is to allow students to be able to engage in school feeling comfortable while also maintaining an appropriate level of professionalism. Students are to keep the main portion of their body covered at all times while at school. Since there are many varieties of body types, there is no perfect way to define this explicitly in words. This may be described as from the top of the torso to midthigh.

Covered from the top of the torso to mid-thigh

Dress code will be monitored each morning by teachers and/or any staff member that recognizes a student is out of dress code.  Teachers/Staff will monitor throughout the day and correct students any time a violation is observed. This dress code was developed with a concern for modesty, safety, and the general good order of the school.

  1. Any text or imagery on the clothing must adhere to the school expectations for appropriate content. Clothes that have words or saying that are profane, sexually suggestive or that promote drugs, tobacco, alcohol, violence, racism, or sexism are prohibited. Sleepwear or pajamas are not permitted as school attire and should not be worn to school. Blankets are not permitted at school due to safety reasons.
  2. Crop tops are not permitted. All students must have entire torsos covered.
  3. No visible under garments.
  4. Large backpacks and winter coats are not allowed in classrooms, must be placed in lockers.
  5. Head coverings/ bandanas/ are not permitted on head in the building (except for religious and cultural purposes). Bandanas around the arm, neck, wrist, or sticking out of pockets, etc. are not allowed anytime in the school building.  Hoodies and hats may not be worn on the head inside the building.
  6. Parents should verify children are dressed according to school policy by reading/reviewing West End School Parent/Student Handbook.

Enforcement Process:

  1. Staff members will correct students’ correctable dress code issues without consequence unless a pattern of noncompliance has been established.
  2. Staff members refer non-correctable or repeated correctable dress code violations to administration.
  3. Parent will be called, and student and parent are given the option for parent to bring a change of clothes or student to choose an acceptable garment from our clothes closet.
  1. First Offense – Student will conference with administrator, parent contact & change.
  2. Second Offense – Parent Contact & documentation.
  3. Third Offense - Parent Conference